Proactive automotive apps?

January 5, 2013

In a previous post, “Synergistic Social Agent Network Cloud” I argued for more proactive apps. I was just reading something that is related to that topic: “Ford Hybrid’s EV+ Feature Learns and Automatically Adjusts Powertrain to Deliver More Electric-Only Driving” Also see “Proactive Agents.”

More robust JUnit tests

November 13, 2012

I created a blog post “Behavior counts for improved JUnit tests” on my other blog.  It shows a possible technique to assure that JUnit tests are robust and are really testing what you think they are testing.

How to interpret User Ratings?

October 28, 2012

I was thinking about those user ratings on products again. I last posted here. Fascinating topic. We all make choices, how?

In one page they mentioned a comic that is so relevant, not only to the subject but also to the Hurricane Sandy, what a coincidence: TornadoGuard


  1. How do you rate user ratings?

The clunkiness of user interfaces

September 18, 2012

So much research and patents on UI design and interaction, yet we still have the most banal GUIs. For example, to share a web page on my Android phone I have to do about twenty operations. We don’t really notice how much we have to do since we are used to it and it becomes ‘natural’ like riding a bike.

In a new blog post I tackled this issue. I think those twenty steps can be easily reduced to two.



  • User Experience Design (UXD)
  • Interaction Design (IxD)

New blog

July 7, 2012

Starting to use a new blog at:

Why? One reason is to start learning a little more technology and have more control of a web site.


According to Names of large numbers

Name Short Scale Long Scale
Octodecillion 10^57 10^108


June 23, 2012


The abandoned wreck lay in the street.

We climbed and jumped; so much to do that week.

A mattress appeared and now our feats grew.

Then one day no more; someone took it away.

Another week, a sewer formed a lake

from which sprung exotic adventures and competitions.

I played a pirate with my wooden sword, my buddy slayed the savage sea beast.

Then one day no more; someone took it away.

Nostalgic, I look back on those days. I was not poor; I enjoyed the endless array

Of things abandoned, trees to climb, hidden corners, and the paradise of neglected yards.

When summer lasted years, and the fun was measured by my socks and

how far they peeked from the holes in the bottoms of my shoes.

On rainy days from the past to today,

I can almost feel my soggy socks

and like an echo in my heart,

hear my mother calling me to come home.

– Josef

Other works

  1. Scattered A short story about the future extremes of …
  2. Hero waits A nano-story.

Can the predictive web also enable control?

June 23, 2012

In a previous post, “Synergistic Social Agent Network Cloud“, I discussed how a web of ‘agents’ could optimize ‘apps’ to be more responsive, proactive, and multipliers of our intents. I was just reading “Should we fear mind-reading future tech?” by Andrew Keen, and was thinking of the possible negative aspects. Still reading the article, so it may cover this. (finished reading it, was not mentioned).

Privacy is the usual concern about this high-tech stuff. This is very important. But, can “faster than realtime” computing, prediction, massive complex-event-processing and correlation also enable the powers that be to also control? We already know that advertising in all it’s forms can control, else why, for example, is the American presidential election a feeding fest of political money contributions?

Could that same advertising and fake news reporting via social media and apps that employ predictive quasi-AI morph into controlling media, an Orwellian manifestation of new-speak? In a scenario that would make a great sci-fi novel, Big Interests like political parties, business groups, and political organizations use social media, not only to advertise, but to gently guide one toward having programmed epiphanies.

Can it even be more “physical” and intrusive? For example, by prediction, these groups can arrange that one will meet a certain someone at the right time. Your a bleeding heart influential liberal? No problem, the future Fox News will arrange that you meet this gorgeous strong willed conservative that will change your mind.

Silly example, but you get the point, when you know, you can make nano-adjustments: unnoticeable, personalized, massive lobbying. Ads are old school, here come the psych-bots.


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