Windows 7 Search is weak but …

When it comes time to search for a file on the local or networked file system you would think win7 would have advanced capabilities.

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It does and it doesn’t.  For what it does have, it is not exposed in the GUI.  Yup, a graphical operating system interface does not present an easy way to do advanced searching.  Anyway, below are links to articles that show you how to get access to this search capability.  Many books supply the missing information too.

I’m surprised (not) that Windows help doesn’t really give the information.

Ok, I skimmed the docs below and I still don’t like it. How would I search for a file that has “yup” somewhere in its name and also has the text “foiled” but was also created a certain time period? In Windows XP that would be easy. In Linux I would use the “find” command and all its inscrutable switches.

Windows needs to have its file search redesigned. If I navigate to a folder, I want to be able to search for file content, just like every prior Windows version before it (I skipped Vista). Never mind all that indexing nonsense, Windows is a not a Mac.

If you want to use real search maybe it has to be by an external tool. Like Agent Ransack.


Exploring Windows 7’s New Search Features (Part 3):

Query Syntax:

Exploring Windows 7’s New Search Features (Part 1):

Exploring Windows 7’s New Search Features (Part 2):

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