A Groovy powered blog?

Check out the technologies being used at Guillaume Laforge new blog. Very impressive and looks great.

Maybe that blog system can be made into a project so that others can use it too?


  1. Seems he is not too keen on Google’s new price structure: Google App Engine’s new pricing model
  2. Not Groovy related, but another post on web hosting strategies using services, like GitHub, S3, etc.: Strategy: Run a Scalable, Available, and Cheap Static Site on S3 or GitHub


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– 2011-08-14T19:29 –
I gave a quick look at Gaelyk. At the first test run on local system I got:

WARNING: failed Server@98f352: java.net.BindException: Address already in use: bind
Could not open the requested socket: Address already in use: bind
Try overriding --address and/or --port.

Which seems to indicate some kind of command line option switches. So, tried using –port 9080. No good, unknown command option.

Ok, its not one of those things you just flip a switch and your done, you have to pour thru docs from a whole bunch of stuff, RTFM!

Found the answer on the gradle-gae-plugin page. I just added httpPort = 9080 to the gae closure in the build.gradle script. It works!

Hmmm. I like convention over configuration, but the convention is that one will invariably change the port number, thus, that configuration should be explicit.



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