Leonard Cohen’s new CD “Old Ideas”

March 23, 2012

What is there to say? Another masterpiece. The lyrics/poems, vocalists, instrumental accompaniment, CD packaging, and of course LC.


Eliades Ochoa

January 21, 2012

Eliades Ochoa achieved world wide fame with his involvement in the “Buena Vista Social Club”. He has not slowed down.

If you listen closely to his works you’ll notice that his guitar playing is actually quite fantastic. Yeah, yeah, rock star X can shred your face off … lol!

Hailed as a “Cuban Johnny Cash,” Eliades Ochoa has an earthy sound and rustic style (topped off by his trademark cowboy hat) that is all his own. The Grammy-winning guitarist and singer was born in a rural mountain town, where he picked up his first tres guitar at age 6. He hasn’t stopped playing since. The self-described “Guajiro” (Cuban provincial) offers piquant renditions of son, guararcha, bolero and changuï, resulting in memorable collaborations with Bob Dylan and, most famously, Buena Vista Social Club. In 2006, he released Se Solto un Leon, a reference to his first album, A Lion is Loose. — from http://www.montrealjazzfest.com/artists/artist.aspx?id=7274


sublime ilusion – Eliades Ochoa


eliades ochoa-mi magdalena-.mpg

Eliades Ochoa, Yiri Yiri Bon


Eliades Ochoa – Volver

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

Eliades Ochos guitar solo – Buena Vista Social Club

el carretero

Amy Winehouse … great artist

July 23, 2011

I just heard she passed away. So young. I loved her voice and the music. I put her up there with the best. Rest in peace Amy!

Some of my favorites on youtube are:

Teach Me Tonight

amy winehouse live best performance ever! rare!before drugs

amy winehouse live amazing live performance!

Love is a Losing Game

Back To Black

Wake Up Alone

Love is a Losing Game

All the mornings bring

May 7, 2011

Finally an LP by Paul McCandless is republished. This 1979 recording was in my opinion a jazz/chamber opus. It combined three great musicians, Paul, David Samuals, and Art Lande, and with it’s unique instrumentation stimulated a deep rare neuronal space of sound.

A quote from the liner notes:

The rather unusual instrumentations on Mornings Bring — reed/mallet/piano trios, and woodwinds octet plus bass and/or mallets — presented McCandless with a challenge well met. Without the traditional foundation of bass and drums, the trio tunes gain shape and texture via the expanded roles of the mallets, piano and reeds, as the functions of melody, harmony and bass are divided and exchanged among the instruments.
— Michael Zipkin

Here is a sample 4 minutes of the first cut which is 10.21 minutes long, “St. Philomene” featuring:

  • Paul McCandless: Oboe
  • Art Lande: Piano
  • David Samuels: Vibraphone, Marimba, Percussion

(Copyright holders: if this is not fair use, let me know.)

I don’t know if it’s great. I like it. Note that Paul no longer plays like that too much, afaik, trills (?) in the upper register, in the group Oregon. An example of the style change Oregon’s work or Shapeshifter. Anyway, that sample was stating the theme and the rest of that piece explores it. That mallets and piano can play so well together is amazing.

It is perfect. The only critique would be that the original liner notes were not included. The notes had a lot of info and more background on the music and artists. For example, the chamber music group was ‘Columbia 30th Street’.

Here is a free idea. If you republish something, include a link to a web accessible (non-siloed) resource that contains the original information.

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Paul McCandless
David Samuals
Art Lande


Antonio Calogero & Paul McCandless – May or Mai – Classical Guitar & Soprano Sax

Antonio Calogero & Paul McCandless – Untitled – Classical Guitar, Oboe & Soprano Sax

Art Lande and Rubisa Patrol – Rubisa Patrol (1977) Part-1


Antonio Calogero & Paul McCandless – Honduras – Acoustic Guitar & Oboe

Nguyen Lê Quartet feat. Paul McCandless Coesfeld Germany 2

Dave Samuels – Berklee Percussion Festival 2009 – Bemsha Swing

Danza Multietnica Part II-III – Antonio Calogero Ensemble feat. Paul McCandless

Paul McCandless – “Sojourner”

Lyle Mays-Paul McCandless – Turning To You.flv

Jason Argos and Paul McCandless – ‘Round Midnight

Paul McCandless – “Beside a Brook”

Paul McCandless with Art Lande and Will Siegel

Paul McCandless, Last Bloom.flv

Live Mix – Antonio Calogero Ensemble feat. Paul McCandless

Paul McCandless with Art Lande Corkscrew

Andy Summers – Blues for Snake

Paul Winter Consort: Icarus (live)

March 19, 2011

Nice YouTube post of this classic work. No, not the Iron Maiden thing (which I like too, btw). According to this page: ‘Astronauts of Apollo 15 took the Consort’s album ROAD to the moon with them and named two craters after the songs “Ghost Beads” and “Icarus”‘. See also, Oregon.

Well, while I’m at it, here are more renditions ….
Please let me know if any of these should not be posted here.

Icarus – slide guitar version

‘Icarus’ performed by MGT – Wolfgang Muthspiel, Slava Grigoryan & Ralph Towner

Ralph Towner solo. Yup he plays all the instruments on each track

LAGQ Live!: Icarus by Ralph Towner (arr. Kanengiser)

The samba styled version

Paul Seaforth/Jamie Findlay – Icarus acoustic jazz

The most definitive version, by Oregon

Is this the one on the “Oregon in Moscow” CD?

Icarus (slightly brighter than Ralph Towner plays it himself)

“icarus” – usc’s carolina alive vocal jazz ensemble.


What the mythical Icarus might have seen? :)

Oregon’s latest CD: “In Stride”

March 6, 2011

Wow, after 40 years as a group, yet another CD from the Oregon band.

Read a review by John Kelman here.

at Amazon

” If ” – Oregon (2009) live performance

Performing “1000 Kilometers” live, a piece from an earlier CD:



Doff Note the Frame guitar being played by Towner. It has nylon strings and feeds a MIDI stream (I think).



An Open Door



Keenan Cahill singing “Only Girl In The World”

March 4, 2011

This is great!

A news story on Keenan Cahill:
The Real Story About My Battle With MPS-VI (WGN Chicago News Story)

Other videos

I’m not into hip hop or whatever its called today, but when a great work is created, like this one “Down On Me” by 50 cent, its great, its Music. Note this is rated “R”, in my opinion.

Probably old news to most. :)


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